Most Profitable Football Tipsters

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Most Profitable Football Tipsters
Most Profitable Football Tipsters

Who are the most profitable Football Tipsters online?

This is almost an impossible question to answer but from our experience, there are a few characteristics to look out for when evaluating who the most profitable Football Tipster is.

Bet count

If a Tipster has less than 500 bets recorded in their portfolio you can’t really take them seriously.

Seeing a portfolio smaller than 500 bets won’t give a clear snapshot as anyone can have positive variance with such a small sample size.

We have logged over 5000 bets since 2013

Some may even argue that anything less than 1000 or 2000 is even too small.

Beating the closing odds – Most Profitable Football Tipsters

This is a clear indicator that a Tipster knows what he is doing and if he’s doing it more often than not, he’s probably going to make you money in the long run.

Read our explanation of why this is important here


Does your Tipster give in-depth reasoning for the bet he wants you to place or is he going off a “gut” feeling or instinct?

With our Football service, we give long in-depth analysis with all of our selections which gives our customers confidence that we have covered all the bases before deciding to potentially part with our hard earned cash

Positive ROI

Providing your TIpster has a bet count of at least 500 an ROI anywhere from 2.5% – 5% is good while anything between 6-15% would be excellent.

We have been hovering between the 5-7% range for the last two years.

Keep in mind the higher the bet count the lower the ROI will likely be. An ROI of 5% over 5000 bets is far more impressive and harder to achieve than a 75% ROI over 200 bets.

Links to our Full Profit and Loss

Markets – Most Profitable Football Tipsters

The most profitable Football Tipsters will bet into markets that have high volume such as 1×2, Asian Handicap, team totals and Over/Under 2.5 goals. These markets are all available with bookmakers that don’t restrict profitable Football Tipsters such as Pinnacle Sports

Understands Value – Most Profitable Football Tipsters

Betting on AccumulatorS, First Goalscorer, Correct score or Bet Builders are not what the most profitable Football Tipsters do. In fact, most stick to betting singles only as this reduces the edge the bookmaker has.

In the rare occasion, you have two selections with a +EV (positive expected value) then it would be advisable to put them into a double but for the most part, it’s boring singles only.


  1. The most profitable Football Tipsters have a portfolio of at least 500 Football Bets.
  2. They beat the closing odds more often than not.
  3. He/She will offer an in-depth analysis for his/her selections.
  4. They have at least a 2.5% positive return on investment (ROI)
  5. The Best Football Tipsters bet into liquid markets that are available with more than one Bookie
  6. Has a clear understanding of +EV, Positive expected value.
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