McGregor vs Cowboy Tips - UFC 246

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McGregor vs Cowboy Tips - UFC 246

McGregor vs Cowboy Tips

This is an exciting match-up between two highly skilled fighters. Both of these fighters have gone up against the very best in the MMA world and have to be respected. Let’s take a closer look at what both fighter’s strengths and weaknesses are.

McGregor vs Cowboy Tips

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

Strengths – McGregor vs Cowboy Tips

  • Cowboy has some of the best striking in the history of the UFC, although he won’t carry the same power in his fists, his Muay Thai is some of the best in the sport. He’s also the most skilled and versatile kicker McGregor has ever faced in the Octagon
  • Cerrone also has some pretty underrated grappling and will have the advantage if these two hit the mat. Cerrone has finished 11 fighters in his pro career via submission, and we already know how vulnerable Conor is to grappling exchanges.
  • For Cerrone to have any chance in this fight he will have to rely heavily on his kicks and wrestling.
  • If he can get Conor on his back I see McGregor having problems, Cerrone is long and has an array of finishes in his arsenal.
  • Takedowns: Again, this is another very underappreciated part of Cowboy’s game. Because he’s such a well rounded MMA fighter, his opponents often have trouble defending the takedown because they don’t know what to expect from him. 
  • Experience: Cowboy has fought the absolute best of the best and has seen everything there is to see in the Octagon
  • This fight is at Welterweight, and Conor won’t have a big size or reach advantage over him. Making lightweight was seemingly a severe cut for Cowboy, so he should be slightly more durable/healthy here.

Weaknesses – McGregor vs Cowboy Tips

  • As we all know by this stage, Cowboy is very weak in the body and is susceptible to be KO’d via body strikes. He’s also taken an exceptional amount of damage in recent years
  • Boxing: Although Cowboy will have the slightly longer reach he will unquestionably get KO’d by Conor if he attempts to hang with him in the pocket. This is maybe the weakest part of Cerrone’s game
  • Cowboy is 36 now and as we know fighting is a young man’s game, Cowboy also has a lot more years on the clock having turned pro almost 15 years ago
  • Cowboy is susceptible to pressure (remember the RDA fight) it’s unlikely that Conor puts a pace on him, but still, he doesn’t deal well fighting backward


Strengths – McGregor vs Cowboy Tips

  • Conor has dynamite in his hands and can end this fight at any time if he can connect cleanly on Cowboy’s jaw or liver.
  • He not only holds the power advantage in his hands. He’s also much quicker and has far better footwork than Cowboy.
  • As mentioned above, Cowboy doesn’t have the best boxing and he’ll be vulnerable to be countered by Conor if he attempts to hang with him int he pocket
  • All of Conor’s finishes in the UFC have come from his fists with KO/TKO wins over Brimmage, Siver, Poirier, Brandao, Mendes, Aldo, and lastly Eddie Alvarez. For me, this is his most likely path to victory (KO/TKO)
  • Mental warfare: We’ve seen it before, Conor has the ability to beat opponents before they even step into the Octagon.
  • Conor is a Southpaw while Cowboy is an orthodox fighter. This means a KO win statistically favors Conor.
  • Cowboy also lost his last 3 fights against Southpaws (Till, Lawler, and Leon Edwards)

Weaknesses – McGregor vs Cowboy Tips

  • Conor has shown in the past to have poor cardio. With that being said I don’t believe the pace of this fight will be a problem for Conor
  • One dimensional: As mentioned above Conor relies on his fists to win fights, especially recently. The Irishman used to use a wide variety of kicks but they seem to be used less and less these days. As for grappling, I don’t see a scenario where he’d want to engage with Cerrone
  • Ring rust: Conor has fought just once in the Octagon over the last 3 years (loss to Khabib) while Cowboy has fought 11 times in the same period
  • Mental weakness: Conor doesn’t like adversity and will look for a way out if things aren’t going his way. In his recent losses (Khabib, Diaz, Duffy) he tapped without putting up much of a fight

Final verdict and recommended Bets

We mentioned above how one of Conor’s main weaknesses is his cardio. I don’t see that being that much an obstacle here though. Cowboy isn’t the type of fighter to put on a pace like Nate Diaz and he’s not going to tire him the way Kahbib did. Cowboy will keep this fight at a manageable pace and Conor will eventually find an opening and finish him.

Conor to win via KO/TKO AT 1.73 with William Hill – 5u

Cerrone to win via Submission @ 7.00 with SkyBet/ William Hill – 1 unit

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