How to Trade Tennis for a profit

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How to Trade Tennis for a profit

How to Trade Tennis for a profit

Trading Tennis for a profit is easier than a lot of other sports, below we will outline how to trade Tennis for a profit and in the process hopefully, teach you to lock in profits.

Why Tennis?

Tennis is a volatile sport that tends to have plenty of ups and downs. If we can identify value pre-match we can put ourselves into a great position to “Green out” and guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

In the image below I have used an example of where we backed a player (Tipsarevic @ 2.56) at high odds and then laid him at lower odds (Tipsarevic @ 1.9).

Doing this meant we locked in a minimum profit of €40 (Hypothetical result)

How to Trade Tennis for a profit

Of course this won’t always be the case as some players can have off days and just get blown out.

However, in the long run, I believe this strategy will reduce variance and result in steadier long term profits.

What does Backing and Laying mean?

If I ‘back’ something I’m saying that it will happen. For example, if I ‘back’ Federer to win the French Open, I am betting that he will win the tournament.

In contrast, if I ‘lay’ Federer for the French Open I am betting that he won’t win the tournament.

At the current odds for the French Open, I could back Federer to win at odds of 38.00.

If I was to do that with a €10 stake I would win €370 if he won the tournament.

How to Trade Tennis for a profit

**However**, if I decide to lay Federer at these odds I am acting as the bookmaker and thus have a liability.

From the image below you can see that from my €10 lay on Federer, I would be forced to pay out €370 in the unlikely event that he wins the tournament.

whereas if any other player wins the tournament I will pocket €10 profit.

Trading Tennis for a profit

In-play Example

French Open final: Nadal v Djokovic and Nadal is leading Djokovic 6-4, 7-6, 4-4 in the French Open final and his odds are 1.01 on Betfair Exchange.

If we felt that Djokovic had a chance to get back into the game and could perhaps take the 3rd set we would ‘Lay’ Nadal at these short odds.

When we were to ‘lay’ Nadal at 1.01 our liability would be tiny, even if we ‘laid’ him for €1,000 our liability would be only €10.

Should Nadal go on to lose the match we would bank €1,000 while if he went on the win the match we would lose only €10.

With that being said, I would probably “Green out” once Nadal’s odds reached about 1.1 so I could guarantee profit from the match.

Essentially we are “Buying low, and selling high” just like someone who trades the stock market.

What causes tennis odds to move?

  • Winning games
  • Winning sets
  • Creating breakpoint opportunities
  • Converting breakpoints

Final Word

From my experience it’s not that difficult to identify matches were trading opportunities will present themselves.

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