Golf Betting Tips

Golf Betting Tips

Golf Betting Tips

Golf Betting Tips | Our Golf model produces bets from the 'Top 20 finish' market with a very large implied edge for our customers. We aim to deliver a long term positive ROI of over 30%

Betting Tips

What We Do

Beat the Market

Our Golf model has been tested against the market over many years and has consistently returned significant profits year on year. Our longterm objective is +30% ROI at best odds.


The model produces a rating for every player in the field. We simulate the model using these ratings which produces probability estimates for every player in all core markets. We use a combination of factors to arrive at this estimate such as long term ability, short term form, course compatibility and course form.


Golf is a high variance sport to bet on. To minimize this variance we focus on the Top 20 market. Utilizing a predictive model we identify value selections each week across all of the main tours.

Easy to Follow

Our bets are always posted at the same time every week (Wednesday afternoon) so you can place all your bets at once.


Golf betting can be confusing to some who aren't used to it. Feel free to contact us at any time with any queries you may have


Generally we will have between 5-15 selections per week all of which are 1 unit bets (1% of your bankroll)

Golf Betting Tips


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