Betting Academy

Betting academy

The Bookie Insiders team has put together a range of different articles that should improve your betting long-term.


The Betting Acadmey

7 Mistakes Bettors Make

Avoid these 7 pitfalls if you want to be a long term profitable bettor

How to Trade Tennis

The basics of Trading Tennis on Betfair and "Greening Out" to guarantee a profit.

Beating the closing Odds

Why are the closing odds of my bet so important? Read on to find out.

Betting Discipline

Betting is an emotional pursuit. Here I describe how I deal with the losing runs.

5 Tips for successful Sports Betting

Want to be a successful Bettor? Make sure you're following these 5 Tips.

pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports Betting resources are among the best on the Internet

Betting Exchanges for Dummies

What are Betting Exchanges and why should I be using them?

Betting Biases

What are biases? And how do they effect what I bet on?

Bankroll Management

The very basics of managing a Betting Bank and controlling how much you risk per bet.

MMA Betting Strategy

Find out which metrics are the most important before betting on an MMA bout

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Tips

Find out how to find value in the Anytime Goalscorer Market

Researching Football Tips

What are the best sites for researching Football Matches?

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