Best Football Betting Sites - Researching Bets

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Best Football Betting Sites - Researching Bets

What are the best Football Betting Sites to use for researching Football Bets? Below we’ll outline the different sites we have been using over the years and what advantage they have for us.

Best Football Betting Sites
  • is a mostly free service that covers over 400+ leagues. This site is especially useful for giving you a snapshot of league averages as well as team averages for BTTS and Over/Under Total Goals.
  • They also have a variety of useful tables for Form, Home advantage, Average Total Goals etc…
  • To get the full features (recommended) you will need to pay a monthly fee of £9.99 per Month. If you bet Cards and Corners this is probably going to be an essential subscription.
  • When clicking into matches you will see a number of trends with teams which can be incredibly useful. Example:  Germany u21 v Serbia u21 Germany U21 has kept 4 clean sheets in the last 5 games, conceding 1 goal during this period. Overall this season, their defence has kept a clean sheet on 6 occasions.
  • What I like about this site is how well the information is displayed and the low cost.
  • Although the stats alone won’t be enough to give you an advantage over the bookmaker, they can be useful for assessing teams.

Football Form Labs – Best Football Betting Sites

Best Football Betting Sites
  • FootballFormLabs cover over 50 leagues. Analysis and data on Cup competitions won’t be available here so keep that in mind.
  • I mostly use FFL to measure teams performances against different levels of opposition. Example: How have Man Utd performed at home against Top 6 teams this season?
  • It doesn’t stop there though, you can filter a vast array of metrics that will only benefit your betting long term.
  • I can also view how teams perform without certain players. Let’s say Messi is injured for Barcelona. I can view how well Barca perform With/without him and what trends to expect.
  • I have been using FFL for 5+ years now and am more than happy to pay the £300 yearly fee to access their data.

Wyscout – Best Football Betting Sites

Best Football Betting Sites
  • Wyscout is the largest database of Football video’s and data
  • This is a service that is mostly utilized by Scouts looking to recruit talent or Coaches looking to analyse their opposition.
  • As you can imagine this service comes at a cost so you will pay anything from €200 to +€1000 for access it yearly.
  • Wyscout covers a huge range of competitions that include almost every notable competition in World Football.
  • With Wyscout you can replay full matches that you missed or view segments of games like Counter attacks, Goals conceded, Attacking free kicks, etc…
  • They also have in-depth stats on everything from Aerial duel success to touches in the box. If you love stats and analysis this site is a must. You can spend hours immersed in their content. – Best Football Betting Sites

Best Football Betting Sites
  • Understat is a free website that will give you access to xG data for the Top 5 leagues.
  • xG has become very popular in the Football betting world and it can be useful to see how teams are performing in terms of chance creation.
  • Often the scorelines of previous matches don’t tell the whole story so this can be useful for identifying teams who are under or over performing.

Whoscored match report
  • Whoscored is another wonderful free resource. They give game previews for most big matches. WS will also list potential starting line-ups, missing players (Injuries/Suspensions) team news, as well as a prediction for the match.
  • They offer a wide array of statistics and ratings for the big leagues. These include the Top 5 Leagues in Europe as well as the MLS, Eredivisie, and CSL.
  • I use Whoscored mainly for match reports and  Injury/Suspension news although it cannot be entirely trusted

  • Transfermarkt, as the name suggests, is mainly a site used for Transfer Market statistics and rumors. However, they have plenty more to offer than just statistics on Transfer spending.
  • With their site, you can compare teams, view home/away form, conversion rates, Goal distribution and much more.
  • Mostly I use Transfermarkt to find information on managers and their performance.

  • Oddsportal is the No.1 resource for odds comparison. It’s also the best place online to view archived odds.
  • There is no other site on the Internet that I’m aware of that has such a comprehensive archive of odds.
  • For those of you who want to backtest betting models, this is a massive advantage for you.
  • I mostly use Oddsportal to track my closing odds performance. I also like to check which way a market is moving before betting.
  • Oddsportal will also show you which teams odds are dropping, as well as “sure bets” for those of you who like to arbitrage.

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