Anytime Goalscorer Tips - Predict Anytime Goalscorers

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Anytime Goalscorer Tips - Predict Anytime Goalscorers
Anytime Goalscorer Tips

Anytime Goalscorer Tips – Betting on a single player to score a goal in a game can be a very profitable endeavor if you are properly prepared for the game. Below I will look at the key metrics to consider when choosing an Anytime Goalscorer bet.

Are they on a streak?

Remember when Jamie Vardy had scored in 10 consecutive games and was about to break van Nistelrooy’s record?

Well, this would be a clear example of when not to back a player. The media had given so much attention to the fact that he was about the break the record that it drew in the public money and his odds subsequently slashed. Generally, I try to avoid players who are on a huge goalscoring streak as the value just won’t be there.

Shots per game – Anytime Goalscorer Tips

If your player doesn’t shoot very often he’s not going to be a very good bet. I like to bet on players that tend to average at least 3 attempts on goal per game. The more the better. Some players are given free rein by their managers to shoot at will. One example from this season is Nabil Fekir for Lyon, he averaged 3.84 shots per game which is very high even for an attacking midfielder.

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Expected Goals

We all know that a shot in the six-yard box is more likely to go in than a shot from outside the box.

Likewise, a shot taken with the attacker’s foot is more likely to score than one taken with his head. We can combine these things – shot area and type – and assign it an “expected goal” (xG) value.

For example, the relatively easy tap-in by Messi in the GIF above was worth 0.86 xG, which means that a shot like that one goes in 86% of the time.

Conversely, this banger by Andros Townsend was only worth 0.01 xG. Put another way, a shot from there only goes in once every 100 times it’s tried.

With this in mind, we want to bet on players who have a high xG or in other words, players who tend to get plenty of good goalscoring chances.

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Penalties/Set Pieces – Anytime Goalscorer Tips

If the player we decide to back is also a penalty taker or dead ball specialist this will also help our case. A lot of the time bookies don’t factor this in so it can be worth doing your homework to find out which players are 1st choice to take penalties and dangerous free kicks

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Generally speaking, you don’t want to bet on an anytime goalscorer selection who is going up against a team who are going to defend with 10 men behind the ball. You want to choose an anytime goalscorer from a game that will likely be open. Think Bournemouth v Arsenal or Hoffenheim v Dortmund for example.

Position – Anytime Goalscorer Tips

This may seem obvious but you want your anytime goalscorer selection to be an attacking player, preferably a center forward who will be fed chances all game. An example of this would be Christian Stuani and Girona last season. Stuani scored over 50% of Girona’s league goals and when he started center forward he was the focal point of their attack.


This is where you can get a real edge. The bookies don’t tend to be very quick to respond to team news, so paying attention to when line-ups are announced can be an opportunity to get some considerable value bets down.

One example of mine was in the Coppa Italia earlier this season. Juventus were playing Bologna and about 2 hours before kick off. Some Italian journalists had confirmed that Moise Kean would be handed a rare start up front.

With this in mind, I checked Oddschecker and could see he was priced at 6.00 (5/1) Considering that he would be playing CF and would likely get fed plenty of chances this was a no brainer.

Subsequently we cashed this bet when he scored after the 49th minute.

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Summary for choosing Anytime Goalscorer Tips

  • Are they on a streak? Is it value
  • Are they shooting frequently?
  • Do they get a good amount of chances per game (xG)
  • Are the designated penalty takers?
  • Opposition style of play.
  • Position
  • Line-ups

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