5 Tips for successful Sports Betting

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5 Tips for successful Sports Betting

5 Tips for successful Sports Betting

Below I will outline the 5 tips needed for successful Sports Betting

successful Sports Betting

Forget Ego – Learn to Lose

You will win some bets, You will lose some bets, You will have winning runs, & you will have losing runs. This set of events WILL happen, don’t get emotional if you hit a few losers in a row and see your betting balance drop.

Nobody likes losing, especially when it’s your own hard earned cash being lost but remember this is a skill all profitable bettors must possess to earn a long-term profit.

If you can’t learn to lose, then the dangers of erratic betting strategy await you.

successful Sports Betting

Reality Check

Sports Betting is not a get rich quick scheme like some people seem to make out.

Profitable Sports betting is a long-term grind where we have to find the small margins in markets to give ourselves a long-term edge.

Let’s consider this, with our Football and Tennis bets, we have logged 8,000 bets with a total stake of €380,286 stake for a return of €409,000 over the last 5-6 years

If you can stick to your sound betting strategies and not let emotions take over you too can be on the positive side of profit long-term.

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Bet within your means

This is vitally important if you’re betting with money that you can’t afford to lose you are going to make rash decisions when you inevitably hit that losing streak.

Start with a betting bank of money you expect to lose. It doesn’t matter what system you’re following or if the Tipster you chose to follow is on a hot streak. Losers will come and how you react will determine your long-term success.

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Use resources over gut instinct

Many “casual” bettors choose their bets through “gut feeling” about what they think will happen during an event.

This approach generally won’t lead to any substantial long-term gains from our experience. What you want to do is use every available resource you have at your fingertips to make informed decisions about your bets.

For example with our Football selections we’re taking into consideration market moves, latest team news (injuries/suspensions), weather reports, xG data, opposition matchup, Head to Head, Team motivation, Manager, Tactics, and market sentiment.

Together with all the relevant information I need I’m ready to make an informed decision as to whether or not I have a bet with Expected Value (EV) or not.


Understanding  probability

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In betting there are only probabilities, there are no sure winners or sure losers only % probabilities.

We should be looking at bookies odds regarding % probability, not just the potential payout and the end.

Let’s say Betfair has a price of 2.00 (evens) for Real Madrid to win tonight. That means Betfair are giving Real Madrid a 50% chance of winning.

We are however sure that their chance of winning this game is probably closer to 60% based on the calculations we’ve run.

This assessment means then that we’ve valued Real Madrid at odds of 1.67 (conversion calculator) thus making this a high-value bet by our estimate. Some Pro bettors will price up games before even looking at the odds; this gives them a better idea of where the value might lie.

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successful Sports Betting
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